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We provide Catton and the surrounding areas with the most durable composite entry options. We're thrilled to partner with Rock Door to provide one of the UK's most security doors for your Wroxham residence. It has been demonstrated that Rockdoors are 35% stronger than conventional composite door options. Rockdoors provide a wide range of practical and aesthetically pleasing advantages in addition to a strong and robust profile.

They'll provide your house greater thermal efficiency. S-Glaze technology is used in the advanced double glazed panels that come standard with Rockdoors to improve the thermal efficiency of your home. You can trust that they will keep your property cool in the summer and retain heat effectively in the winter.

Rockdoors provide a remarkable balance of durability and beauty. They provide an amazing range of door customizations and accessories, allowing you to create a stunning entry that also functions. To make sure your home is secure, you should use a Rockdoor.

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Key Features

Superior Strength

Rockdoors’ primary advantage is that they are incredibly strong. The 360° inner construction of Rockdoors, reinforced with aluminium and high-density, thermally efficient PU foam, gives it an unrivalled level of internal strength. You can be certain that the door installation you receive will be both practical and protective because Rookdoor leads the market in composite door development. These doors are made primarily to protect your property and loved ones from intruders and attempts at forced entry.

Rockdoor is one of the safest doors on the market in the UK and has been shown to be 35% stronger than a typical composite door. Rockdoors have an unmatched level of internal strength thanks to its 360° inner construction, which is strengthened with aluminium and high-density, thermally efficient PU foam.

All of our Rockdoors are made bespoke to your design specifications. Cut to fit doors solutions are far weaker due to the sizing process. Our Rockdoors unique strength and security benefits wont be compromised by installation.

Rock Door offers a superb 3D door designer tool so you can design and visualise your dream door before the installation. Use the tool to add colour, furniture and accessories to your door, then spin the image to see both the internal and external designs.

rock doors Catton

Improved Security

Rockdoors use solid brass hook locks with nickel plating that slide into steel keeps running the entire length of the outer frame of the profile. This adds strength and security and functions as a component of the multi-point locking system. The Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders are used on all outside doors. There is no possibility an intruder could force, snap, or drill the lock cylinder with the highest TSOO7 rating of 3. If you want to go the extra mile, and achieve the highest level of security you can add steel mesh reinforcement.

Leading Glass Security

The Rockdoor profile’s glass panels are designed to blend in seamlessly with the door itself. Innovative S-Glaze technology is used for this. This keeps unauthorised people from entering your house. No one will be able to pry the glazing out of the door frame during an attempted break-in which is often the most used method.

Energy Efficient

Rock Door composite doors use various thermally efficient materials during their construction to reduce heat loss. In order to attain the highest thermal performance ratings available in the market, Rockdoors combine thermally efficient PVC-U skins with a 50mm thick sash, an inner frame made of aluminium reinforced uPVC, and high-density polyurethane foam.

and Customisable

Rock Door’s composite door collection comes in 13 different door colours and 25 different styling options. You can customise the glass, door profile, furniture and accessories to your aspirations.

There are thousands of unique glass panels that can truly make your Rockdoor stand out. Additionally, there are several furniture alternatives available, including stainless steel offset bar handles and Victorian knockers in a variety of colours. Our wrought iron handle, which has the distinctive twisted design on a textured handle, can be ideal for your door if you’re searching for something more vintage. If your home would look better with a more contemporary design, we can help with that too!

Whether you’re searching for a new front door, rear door, French door, or stable door, our wide variety will have something for you and your home. We provide a variety of options to go with both traditional and contemporary homes, so we’re sure to have something to fit your tastes and way of life. Whether you like something a little more classic or something more contemporary, we have a style of door furniture for everyone.

With the countless choices available, the possibilities for your Rockdoor are boundless!

rock doors Catton

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Does a Rockdoor sound like the solution for you entrance needs? Get in contact with Windows Plus today! We’re available via email, or you can call us on 01603 438 886.

If you like,. you can book an appointment with our friendlt team for a ‘best price’ quotation.

You can get in touch with us over email or on if you would like to book an appointment for a ‘best price’ quotation. Remember to take a look through our online designer tool that will let you craft the perfect door for your home. It’ll also provide you with a bespoke composite door estimation.

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