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We offer the sturdiest composite entrance solutions to Wroxham and the surrounding areas. We’re pleased to work with Rockdoor to bring your Wroxham home one of the most secure doors in the UK. Rockdoors have been proven to be 35% stronger than common composite door solutions. Along with a robust and resilient profile, Rockdoors offer a wide range of functional and aesthetics benefits.
They will provide your home with superior thermal efficiency. You can count on them to keep your property warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Rockdoors come with advanced double glazed panels as standard that utilise S-Glaze technology to enhance the thermal performance of your home.
Rockdoors offer an exceptional combination of strength and aesthetics. They feature a remarkable selection of door customisations and accessories, giving you a beautiful entrance way that also performs. You should select a Rockdoor to make sure your house is secure.

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Key Features

Superior Strength

Rockdoors are made with exceptional strength as their key benefit. Since Rookdoor leads the industry in composite door development, you can be sure that the door installation you get will be both functional and protective. These doors are designed specifically to safeguard your home and loved ones from any trespassers or attempted forcible entrance.

Rockdoor is one of the most secure doors available in the UK, proven to be 35% stronger than a normal composite door. The 360° inner construction of Rockdoors, reinforced with aluminium and high-density, thermally efficient PU foam, gives it an unrivalled level of internal strength.

Rockdoors are never cut to fit; they are always made to order. The door’s unique security and strength can be compromised by profiles that are cut to fit as it weakens the door. Every one of our doors must pass stringent quality assurance inspections before being installed in order to maintain the highest security certifications

Design the door of your dreams with the 3D door designer from Rockdoor. Choose the door design, colour, and glass pattern to get your desired appearance. You can turn the images around to make sure you are happy with it, and then see it installed on your home.

Rock Doors North Walsham

Enhanced Security

Rockdoors employ solid brass hook locks with nickel plating that slide into steel keeps running the entire length of the outer frame of the profile. This adds strength and security and functions as a component of the multi-point locking system. The Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders are used on all outside doors. There is no possibility an intruder could force, snap, or drill the lock cylinder with the highest TSOO7 rating of 3. If you want to go the extra mile, and achieve the highest level of security you can add steel mesh reinforcement.

Leading Glass Security

The glass panels used in the Rockdoor profile are made to be a seamless part of the door itself. This is done with innovative S-Glaze technology. This prevents access to your home through unauthorised means. Attempted trespassers wont be able to pry the glazing out of the doors frame. Burglars frequently utilise this technique to enter buildings.

S-Glaze’s ability to permanently lock the glass into the door also benefits its thermal performance. It makes sure  that no draughts enter the glazing aperture.

Excellent Thermal Performance

Given the amount of heat that can escape from your home, energy efficiency is more crucial than ever when choosing front and rear doors. To attain industry-leading thermal performance ratings, Rockdoors uses thermally efficient PVC-U skins, a 50mm thick sash, an inner frame made of aluminium reinforced PVC-U, and high-density polyurethane foam.

and Customisable

The composite door collection from Rockdoor is available in 25 different styles and 13 different door colours.

The extensive selection will have something for you and your property, whether you’re looking for a new front door, back door, French door, or stable door. We have a wide range of solutions to complement both traditional and modern homes, so we’re sure to have something to suit your preferences and way of life. We also have a style of door furniture for everyone, whether you prefer something a little more traditional or something more contemporary.

There are numerous furniture options available, ranging from Victorian knockers to stainless steel offset bar handles, all in a number of colours. The options can be suited to your home, you might go for a more modern design or something more traditional. Choosing a distinctive glazing design can really make your Rockdoor stand out. There are thousands of Rockdoor glass combinations to choose from, so there is something to suit everyone depending on the style you are looking for.


rock doors north walsham

In North Walsham

Please get in touch with us if you’re thinking about using a Rockdoor as your entrance solution.
If you want to set up a time for a “best price” quote, you can contact us by email or by calling 01603 438 886.
Look through our online designer tool to learn more about the styles we have for Rock Doors. You will be able to create the ideal door for your house. Additionally, it will provide you a customised Rockdoor estimate.

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