Composite Doors Norwich, Norfolk

Composite doors mix high levels of security with attractive colour options and superb thermal efficiency. We supply our composite front doors in Sprowston, Wroxham, Catton, Norwich, North Walsham and throughout Norfolk and North Suffolk. Add kerb appeal and high performance to your home with these stunning doors.

Our composite doors can be installed in a variety of colours. This applies to both the frame and the door itself, catering to virtually any décor. Our realistic wood grain finishes look immaculate, with a scratch resistant GRP skin to protect them. Otherwise, you could choose a more standout colour for your Norwich or Norfolk home if you want to make a stylistic statement.

You can make your composite doors even more unique with our range of hardware. These will make your front door stand out from the crowd and feel even more welcoming. Our range of handles, knobs, knockers, letterboxes, spy holes and more can add the final touches to make your front door special.

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Key Features

Style to Suit You

Composite doors offer a massive range of styles for you to choose from. These range from the more subtle to the stand out. Our varied and flexible range will be able to cater to your unique decorative tastes.

Known for their solid construction, composite doors are amongst the most durable and sturdy entry door solutions. They’re ensured to provide a long lasting and resistant performance against the effects of ageing and weathering.

Whether you have a traditional or more modern style of home, our range of composite front door colours will create the perfect finish. A woodgrain foil finish will create a traditional look. Our range of standard colours suit modern homes.

Here in Norwich, we are used to temperatures flicking between boiling hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. Our composite doors have a GRP finish that will keep moisture and water outside of your home for a weatherproof effect.

Being made of some of the most sturdy materials available, our composite doors will offer excellent resistance against potential intruders. This is mixed with the latest high security locking. You can rest inside your home with peace of mind.

Traditional timber doors offered elegant aesthetics. But they were lacking when it came to energy efficiency. Our composite doors provide the look of timber while also offering a thermal efficiency that is strictly modern.

Composite Front Doors

Weatherproof Composite Doors

We all know how much rain, wind and cold we are subjected to here in Norfolk. This is why our composite doors are extremely weather resistant. Rigorously tested to exceed British standards, our composite front doors are designed to block out the elements. Even hurricane level winds will have no impact for a superb weatherproof performance.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

These doors are a great option to improve the heat retention of your home. Composite doors could see a reduction in reliance on central heating for your Norwich or Norfolk home. With less heating, you could potentially see smaller heating bills. FENSA accreditation ensures that our composite front door installations will offer energy efficiency.

When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s not just the performance of our composite doors that makes a difference. Installation can have a massive impact too. Our expert installation teams have the experience and skills to ensure a snug fit. This will make the most of your composite front door’s energy efficiency and weatherproofing.

Secure Front Doors Norwich & Norfolk

Composite doors are very secure. Their layered construction makes them strong, which is enhanced even further by a GRP finish. This provides them with a great level of impact resistance. Help protect your Norwich or further afield home from unwanted intruders.

To provide further protection against advanced intruder techniques, advanced locking mechanisms are installed on our composite doors. They feature anti snap and anti drill locking cylinders to help keep your home secure. You’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind with the composite front doors Norwich and Norfolk has to offer.

Composite Front Doors Norwich

Door Prices
In Norwich & Norfolk

Please feel free to get in touch with us over email or on 01603 438 886 if you would like to book an appointment for a ‘best price’ quotation. If you would like to take a look at the styles we offer for our composite doors, then look through our online designer tool. This will let you craft the perfect composite front door for your home. It’ll also provide you with a bespoke composite door estimation.

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