Double Glazing Norfolk

Double Glazing Norfolk

We give all Norfolk homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the very best in double glazing design. Don’t settle for less with Windows Plus (UK) Ltd, and enjoy double glazing that excels in security, design, performance and thermal efficiency.

Offering a comprehensive range of styles and designs, our double glazing selection includes Casement Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Sash Windows, French Casement Windows, Aluminium Windows, uPVC Doors, Stable Doors, Patio Doors, Composite Doors, French Doors and Bi-Fold Doors.

Why Choose Windows Plus (UK) Ltd?Yale Double Glazing Norfolk

Here at Windows Plus (UK) Ltd, we are proud members of the Double Glazing Network. This prestigious group of vetted, monitored and high quality double glazing installers is a symbol of integrity and quality.

It also shows that we specialise in the market-leading uPVC frames from Liniar, and the world-class locking systems from Yale. You’ll only be getting the very best double glazing with Windows Plus (UK) Ltd, every time.

Double Glazed Windows

Casement Windows

Simple, elegant, and practical, our Casement Windows expertly combine durable hardware, slim sight lines, hinge stability, a beautifully contemporary aesthetic and outstanding standards of energy efficiency and security. Get the best double glazing for your Norfolk home, today.Casement windows Norfolk

Tilt and Turn Windows

Multi-functional, easy to use and wonderfully designed, our Tilt and Turn Windows feature a unique tilt function that allows for secure ventilation by opening the window a way that doesn’t release the locking mechanism. A great addition to any Norfolk home.

When this is combined with the continuous seal, unified hardware, beautiful aesthetics and outstanding energy efficiency, it’s double glazing satisfaction all the way with our Tilt and Turn Windows.Tilt and turn windows Norfolk

Sash Windows

Traditional, classy and easy to use, our Sliding Sash Windows are a wonderful alternative to their timber ancestors, and offer all Norfolk homeowners the chance to enjoy a timeless design that has been brought gracefully into the 21st century.

Consisting of hidden gaskets, outstanding security, tilting option, a spring balance system and the option for decorative sash horns, our Sliding Sash Windows achieve a wonderful harmony between double glazing function and form.Sliding Sash windows Norfolk

French Casement Windows

Exuding culture and elegance, our French Casement Windows are a beautiful option for all Norfolk homeowners. With the addition of a flying mullion, these double glazed windows allow for a wonderfully spacious and unobstructed opening, that can be used as a fire escape in all habitable rooms.

When this feature is combined with the low maintenance, eco-friendly profile and easy cleaning hinges it becomes clear that these double glazed windows offer all the benefits without any of the chores.French Casement windows Norfolk

Aluminium Windows

A wonderful, high performance alternative to uPVC or timber, aluminium windows are an incredibly strong and robust design, that is naturally lightweight and slim line. You can choose from a wide choice of colour options, which allow you to get the perfect look for your Norfolk home.

Weather tested and fitted with integrated trickle vents and a security bead design, our Aluminium Windows offer protection against intruders and adverse weather. Get peace of mind, throughout.Aluminium Windows Norfolk

Double Glazed Doors

uPVC Doors

Our uPVC doors are a fantastic choice for all Norfolk homeowners, boasting a wide range of glazing styles, panel choices and colour options, you’ll be able to tailor your uPVC door to your tastes and preferences, effortlessly. You can also opt for a low threshold for ultimate accessibility.

Although our uPVC doors are already fitted with the world-class locking system from Yale, you can also opt for the Secured by Design accredited pack, which allows for the ultimate in Norfolk home security.uPVC Front Door Norfolk

Composite Doors

An incredibly modern, and intelligent design, our Composite Doors offer outstanding levels of strength, durability, aesthetic and performance. Composite doors, by design, are a combination of various materials, including timber, uPVC and glass reinforced plastic (GRP), and chooses the best of each to create the ultimate double glazing design.

Impact resistant, exceptionally thermally efficient and featuring a highly resilient, scratch resistant coating, our Composite Doors offer more for your Norfolk property, and they offer it for longer.Composite Doors Norfolk

Stable Doors

Exuding a country aesthetic, our Stable Doors offer a classic charm to any and all Norfolk homes. Their signature dual sash design allows for a level of multi-functionality that other doors simply can’t offer. You can choose to open each sash independently from each other, allowing for safety conscious ventilation.

To ensure the split sash design does not compromise on weatherproofing, all of our Stable Doors are fitted with double drip bars that prevent water ingress from occurring. When this is combined with the high security, locking systems from Yale, it’s guaranteed this double glazing design will leave you completely protected.Stable Doors Norfolk

French Doors

French Doors, much like our French Casement Windows, offer a wonderfully clean, crisp aesthetic that allows for a beautifully open and spacious feel when fully opened. They are also fitted with door restrictors which stop damage from occurring should the door be opened too far. You’ve nothing to worry about, with our double glazing.

Maximum accessibility into your Norfolk home is assured by the installation of a low threshold and flying mullion, which ensures all guests are welcome, and is especially effective at ensuring ease of access for wheelchair or pushchair users.French Doors Norfolk

Patio Doors

Patio Doors feature a beautifully easy to use and effortlessly smooth sliding mechanism. This feature, unique to patio doors, completely eliminates the need for swing space, and therefore allows you to maximise the space within your Norfolk home.

Although the sliding mechanism may seem to pose a safety threat for the fingers of your loved ones, all or our Patio Doors are fitted with a finger-traps-free mechanism, so you can rest assured that your little loved ones will be safe and sound with our outstanding double glazing.patio doors norfolk

Bi-Fold Doors

A contemporary, innovative and intelligent multi-leaf design, our beautiful Bi-Fold Doors offer a seamless connection to your garden in Norfolk. When opened fully, 90% of the door aperture folds away neatly and easily, and allows for a completely unobstructed and unrestricted opening.

In order to ensure a beautifully clean look, all the complex hardware is expertly contained beneath an in-board mounted stainless steel track. This is then placed in harmony with a 24mm low threshold, to ensure a clean look that allows maximum accessibility into your Norfolk property.Bi-folding doors Norfolk

Double Glazing Prices Norfolk

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