Stunning Verandas

Windows Plus is pleased to offer a beautiful range of verandas to enjoy outdoor living in a ventilated, comfortable new way. They will be a beautiful addition to your home.

These verandas comprise of slim aluminium frames, wide glazed panes and open walls blending into the outdoors seamlessly. You’ll create a stunning new feature for your garden without wasting any space.

Verandas are the perfect home improvement, allowing you to expand your property without having expensive renovations or even moving property.

Our verandas come in a range of styles to suit your needs and complement the architecture of your home. We have a variety of configurations to ensure any homeowner can receive high quality verandas for their home.

You’ll be able to produce a stunning patio area for your home in a cost-effective way. We offer a range of options, including aluminium, uPVC or polycarbonate roofs, keeping you warm and dry.

These versatile verandas offer a fantastic alternative to a full conservatory. Create an outdoor area where you can make the most of your garden with a beautiful space to entertain guests or enjoy alfresco dining.

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High-Quality Verandas

We provide high-quality products which feature strong, inherently robust materials. Utilising a high-grade profile, our verandas are built to last. They offer a high-quality guttering system to prevent residue building up. We provide exceptional decorative options to provide stunning aesthetics to match your home.

Versatile Verandas

Our verandas are perfect for many different uses, promoting outdoor living in a number of different ways. Ideal to create sheltered patio dinning, or an outdoor space to relax. They are also great for more practical uses such as covered walkways, outdoor shading solutions and outdoor storage.

Vehicle Verandas

Verandas can transform any space, so if you have something else in mind, our installers would be happy to supply a fit. Our verandas are often used along driveways as car ports, which protects the vehicle from outdoor elements. These may be used all year-around with effective weather protection.

Features & Benefits


We offer a variable roof pitch with either a high-quality guttering system or bar overhang detail. A fixing plate may be hidden beneath ground level or fixed directly onto an existing patio. There is the option for post and eaves beams to be delivered in one complete ‘goal post’ section.


Our unique collection of canopies offers traditional aesthetics to complement heritage homes, including the posts, column covers and brackets, with decorative casting to column base. A traditional aluminium roof is also available to achieve authentic appearance.

Colour Options

Our verandas are available as white or black canopies, with a superb crackle black finish supplied as standard. There are various other coloured finishes on offer to complete bespoke home improvements. We offer optional coloured tints for double glazed units and you can colour match uPVC guttering additionally.


We offer double glazed units or polycarbonate to fill roofs with. We offer 24mm glazed units with aluminium and uPVC roofs, or 25mm polycarbonate units for each. Our glazing is incredibly durable and weatherproof to meet your canopy needs.

Stylish Verandas

Our bespoke verandas are a classic straight lean-to shape, offering splayed end bars, and ‘L’ shapes around corners. These designs are space-efficient and high-performance.

We provide built in tolerance for post height levelling/fixing. There’s style in abundance from Windows Plus verandas, even the brackets are detailed to precision.

A structural gallows bracket appears eloquent below the beautiful veranda roof, and the structural eaves beam provides an overhang detail for a touch of class

Foot Options

 At the foot, you have several options. Firstly, there’s the post-only design, appearing sleek and simple for basic appearance.

Secondly, there’s a decorative foot option, which creates a ceramic base with smooth detailing for your veranda.

Thirdly, we offer another decorative foot option which is taller and slimmer in design.

Finally, you can choose both decorative foot and tall collar designs merged into one.

All-Around Performance

Here at Windows Plus, we specialise in all forms of double glazing, offering the latest innovative solutions to homeowners in Norwich, Norfolk and all surrounding areas.

Our spectacular collection of verandas is no one-off for this reason. We utilise the latest technologies available to provide high-performance canopies. Our options provide shelter to areas uncovered around your property while adapting to the furniture around your property.

They are made from premium materials such as aluminium and uPVC, ensuring the structures remain in place year after year. They will never warp, rot, or fade, ensuring aesthetics are left unscathed.

Another of their strong assets is their glazed/polycarbonate roof. You’ll receive clear exposure to light to ensure verandas provide practical working space. These designs are weather-resistant and double glazed, for long-lasting performance.

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