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Rockdoor Stable Door, Norwich, Norfolk

Here at Windows Plus, we are proud to partner with Rockdoor to deliver the strongest door profile on the market. We supply Rockdoor stable doors to homeowners in Norwich and the surrounding areas - one of the most secure doors available in the UK. Studies show they are 35% stronger than a typical door.

Rockdoor stable doors have multiple benefits, including numerous practical uses and flawless aesthetics. They are even made with market leading, thermally efficient materials to warm your Norwich home during winter, helping you save money on those rising energy bills. Create your bespoke stable door and keep your home protected with Rockdoor.

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Key Features

Superior Strength

Rockdoor stable doors are made with your protection in mind. Rockdoor is the market leading manufacturer in secure door development, ensuring your installation provides security and functionality. These doors protect your Norwich home from unwanted guests or attempted forced entry. Rockdoor stable doors have a 360° aluminium reinforced inner frame and high density thermally efficient PU foam to help keep your home secure.

Rockdoors stable doors are great for the family home. Open one-half of the door to stay connected to family and friends or keep an eye on your pets. The other half of the door can remain closed to keep your home secure. The Rockdoor stable door design is an excellent fit for those seeking a classic or cottage aesthetic.

Rockdoor stable doors are never cut to fit as they are made to measure. Profiles that are cut to fit can weaken the door, reducing their security and strength. Each door goes through comprehensive quality and assurance checks to ensure your new Rockdoor stable door is at the highest security certifications.

Rockdoor stable doors are also customisable. Tailor your new door to suit your home! Use their 3D door designer to design your dream door. Choose from multiple door styles, colours and glass patterns.

Rockdoor Stable doors

Enhanced Security

Rockdoor stable doors are designed with nickel coated solid brass hook locks that slide into steel keeps along the full length of the profiles outer frame. This multi-point locking system brings extra strength and security to your Norwich home. All exterior doors use Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders, with the highest TSOO7 rating of 3 stars, to ensure your safety. Customers can add a steel mesh reinforced for ultimate security. 

Leading Glass Security

Rockdoor stable doors also have enhanced glass security as well. With S-Glaze technology, the glass panels within the door profile form part of the door itself. Therefore, the glazing cannot be removed from the profile to gain access. The glass will lock the glass into the Rockdoor stable door for life, so your home will be safe.

Low Maintenance

Don’t worry about maintenance with Rockdoor stable doors. They require little effort with cleaning or upkeep. Simply open and close them every once in a while.

and Customisable

Rockdoor stable doors come in 25 styles in 13 colour options. You can make your new door your own!

No matter the style or design of your home, there will be something for you. We have a design that will suit your classic or modern home or a door to suit your lifestyle and needs. 

There are many furniture options, too, so you can add that extra touch. Ranging from stainless steel offset bar handles to Victorian knockers, all in different colours. 

Traditional door furniture suits a range of properties. It can create a unique feature on a conventional home or help a modern home match its contemporary style. 

Add our wrought iron handle, which features a twisted design on a distinct texture handle. This will be ideal if you are seeking a more antique style. 

Choose from our wide range of unique glazing to add a special touch to your Rockdoor stable door. With thousands to choose from, there will be something to match.

rockdoor stabledoors

In Norwich, Norfolk

If you are considering adding Rockdoor stable doors to your Norwich home, then do get in touch with us. 

You can contact us by email or call us on 01603 438 886 if you would like to book an appointment for a ‘best price’ quotation. 

If you want to explore our range further, use our online designer tool to find your perfect door today.

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