Sash Windows Norfolk

Sash Windows Norfolk

Authentic Sash Windows in Norfolk

Refurbish your Norfolk home with sash windows by Windows Plus, who lead by example in double glazing.

They have an authentic, traditional aesthetic range, able to complement the themes of homes in Norfolk. Sash windows are state of the art, installed into Norfolk homes with high quality double glazing.

Read our guide on uPVC windows and see how your Norfolk home can benefit.


Vertical Sliding windows Norfolk

Sash Windows to Protect You From the Elements

Our sash windows accommodate a complex design to protect homes in Norfolk from the elements. Low-level PCE gaskets ensure that the weather doesn’t breakthrough, whilst maintaining aesthetic appeal.

These sash windows excel in energy efficiency, surpassing regular building requirements. Our windows score an Energy Rating of A, ensuring superb thermal performance to maintain the warmth of your Norfolk property.

Stylish Sash Windows in Norfolk

Our windows make the perfect replacement for old and tired timber frames. Pick from our vast selection of stylish windows, which promises to have something for everyone. We can even help retain traditional looks.

We supply a selection of hardware and accessories that will complement the heritage style of your home.

Sash Windows from Windows Plus are beautifully built to create a stunning replica of your original glazing, which includes an option of a fine finish for exceptional style.

Highly Secure Sash Windows to Protect Your Norfolk Home

Protecting your home against potential intruders is a vital function of any opening in your property. With our windows, you can count on fantastic security performance.

Each window features the very best materials, making them strong and robust. They come fitted with precision-engineered locking catches to protect your property.Sliding Sash windows Norfolk

State of the Art Sash Windows

We make no exception to the way we treat our customers to our products, which either emulate past-period features or modern style architecture.

Your family should be safe from harm when a property has been fitted with state of the art sash windows by us.

When we fit windows to properties in Norfolk, we provide a number of advanced hardware and accessories options to ensure the ultimate safety standards are met.

Choose to have child/travel restraints fitted to your windows that may only be opened at a safe distance. This feature is not only great for protecting minors, but it also adds to the security performance of the windows.

Why not imagine being able to clean your upstairs clean windows as never before. These windows incorporate a tilt function which enables the upper sash to tilt inwards, ensuring you have easy access to cleaning as well as safe ventilation.

When it comes to keeping young family members and pets safe, our sash windows are the ideal improvement for your Norfolk home.

High Performance Sash Windows in Norfolk

Our windows perform great to maintain that traditional gliding action whilst operating under contemporary technology.

Most wooden windows struggle in this department to look and feel great, however, our uPVC windows come with cutting edge spring balances, which work to calibrate the window’s weight distribution.

All of our designs promise outstanding long-term performance. They also are low maintenance, an added bonus for your Norfolk property.

Windows are fit with all the beauty, style and action of heritage windows, but hidden inside is the very latest technology.Sliding Sash Windows Norfolk

Sash Windows Prices Norfolk

Sash windows prices in Norfolk are amazingly good value for money when you choose Windows Plus as your installer.

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