Green Homes Grant Norwich

Green Homes Grant Norwich

What Is The Green Homes Grant?

The Green Homes Grant is a scheme brought in by the government. It has been designed to improve the energy efficiency of houses throughout the UK. This will be running for six months beginning from the end of September.

Here at Windows Plus, we understand that there has been too much confusion and it has been rather unclear about how homeowners in Norwich and the rest of the country can apply for this and who is eligible. Our team want to provide clear and correct information so that you understand what the Green Homes Grant means for home improvements.

As a company, we believe in offering cost-effective double glazing products that will enhance your home, including the improvement of your energy efficiency. We all must do our part to reduce carbon emissions in whatever way we can.

That is why we have put together this article to straighten out whether you can qualify for the Green Homes Grant and what it will allow you to get funding for using this scheme.

Green Homes Grant Norwich

What Can Be Funded Using The Green Homes Grant?

Firstly, the government has split the Green Homes Grant into both primary and secondary measures. What this entails is that households in Norwich and throughout the entire country will need to have a minimum of one primary measure before qualifying for any funding under this scheme.

Homeowners can claim a voucher of up to £5,000 for their new home improvements. However, lower-income households can claim anywhere up to £10,000 in funding through this scheme.

One of the following primary measures are needed to qualify for the Green Homes Grant:

  • Insulation: Solid walls, underfloor insulation, room in roof, flat roofs or cavity wall insulation.
  • Low Carbon Heat: Ground source or air source heat pump, solar thermal

If one of these primary measures are included in what the homeowners require, additional funding can be allowed for other measures. It is important to note that the overall level of funding will not exceed what was allowed for the primary installations.

The secondary measures that are then included are:

  • Windows and doors: thermally efficient doors (replacing doors that were installed any time before 2002), double, triple or secondary glazing when replacing single glazing installations.
  • Draught proofing
  • Insulation/Heating controls – this includes hot water tanks, heating controls or even appliance tank thermostats.

Double Glazing Green Homes Grant norwich

Will I Be Able To Upgrade My Double Glazing In Norwich With The Green Homes Grant?

Unfortunately, if you already have double glazing fitted in your Norwich home, you will not be able to apply for the Green Homes Grant. However, single glazing can be replaced using this new government scheme.

Another important note is the fact that double glazing alone does not qualify households for the scheme. This is because it is a secondary measure. One would need to invest in new insulation or low carbon heat sources as these are the primary measures which allow you to qualify for the grant.

Again, this is the same for replacing front doors. As this is a secondary measure, you will need to have a primary step to qualify along with the door being fitted before 2002.

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