French Windows Norwich

French Windows Norwich

French Windows: A Cultured Addition to your Norwich Home

Are you in the market for replacement double glazing for your Norwich home? Would you like to give your property a touch of European style? At Windows Plus, we have a range of beautiful French windows that will enhance any residence. Our windows retain the absolute best performance as well as aesthetics. They offer unparalleled security, thermal efficiency and durability while being incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Windows Plus is confident that these French windows are the ideal choice for any Norwich home.

At Windows Plus, we are committed to delivering the absolute best products and installation services in the Norwich double glazing industry. Our professional team of experts are FENSA approved, and our company assure its customers of the highest standards. Our installations are clean and efficient when we install your French windows, meaning you’ll experience minimal disruption to your home.

We have composed this handy guide to tell you all about our French windows and the ways in which they are designed to enhance your home.

French windows Norwich

Illuminating French Windows Norwich

Our French windows are an easy way to bring some continental flair to your Norwich property. They feature a flying mullion which means that, when open, these windows are transformed into a vast open space to allow for incredible ventilation. As practical as they are stylish, these windows are fully Part B compliant and can open wide enough to be utilised as a fire egress in the unfortunate case of an emergency.

These windows open to an incredible 90 degrees, which means they flood your home with natural light. Natural light is an easy and free way to create the illusion of space for your Norfolk home and to tastefully illuminate your furnishings. The lack of a central bar to obstruct your views means that these French windows deliver extremely slim sightlines to enjoy panoramic views of your Norwich property.

Thermally Efficient French Windows Norwich

Our French windows are made with top of the range Liniar profile for achieving incredible thermal efficiency. They make use of innovative multi-chambered profiles, which are specially engineered to stop your French windows losing heat. This means that your Norwich home remains comfortable and warm all year around.

As your home can retain heat so well, you will find yourself relying significantly less on your central heating system. As such, you will start to see substantial savings on your energy bills right away. With their incredible thermal performance and incredible durability, these French windows are an amazing money saving investment.

Our incredible French windows are certain to reduce your carbon emissions, and there’s never been a better time to make your Norwich home more thermally efficient!

Environmentally sustainable materials forms our double glazing, which is why you can be confident in the sustainability of our products and practices. Our windows are 100% recyclable, and 100% lead-free.uPVC French Windows Norwich

Secure French Windows Norwich

Windows Plus’ French windows are also immensely secure. Their Liniar uPVC profile contains interior reinforcing, which means they are totally sturdy even without additional steel reinforcements. Our French windows guarantee to stand up incredibly well under sustained physical attack.

To supplement this, we fit our French doors with top of the range Yale multi-point locking systems. The name Yale is known the world over for their unbeatable locking systems and carries an excellent reputation for safety. Put your mind at ease knowing that your Norwich home is impenetrable, even for the most tenacious of intruders.

All of our products have met the criteria necessary to achieve Secured by Design accreditation. This coveted status means that our French windows have undergone the most rigorous crime prevention testing and have proved to be incredibly stable. Let our French windows bring you peace of mind.

French Windows Prices Norwich

If you have any questions and would like to speak to one of our experienced and professional team members, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of experts are happy to help and will answer all of your queries, discuss any of our product range and provide you with any extra information you might want. At Windows Plus we are dedicated to giving you a helping hand the whole way through your home improvements.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a free and instant quote for our windows, or any of our other double glazing, please use our online quoting engine. We will have a quote ready for you within minutes, boasting a competitive price and tailored completely to your specifications. When you use our quoting engine it is not binding and you are not obligated to buy.

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